About HeirList

HeirList is the world’s most comprehensive and powerful tool to assist in resolving the affairs of the deceased. It is based on the International Deceased Resolution Standards, which were created so that a structured numbered classification system could be employed to improve this very complicated and disparate process. The IDRS is comprised of both ‘to do’ items (close to 1,000), as well as inclusion questions (100). The questions allow a user to easily determine which IDRS Items apply to their situation.

The initial soft launch of HeirList included both Apple and Android devices, along with the Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base is an accessible folder with materials to support users who are working on resolving the affairs of a deceased person. For the initial launch, there are over 60 files with more than 550 pages of detailed descriptions of questions, items and methods to resolve the items. For the mobile application, there are currently two service options for the application:  Basic (free) and Premium. The Premium provides for a higher level of functionality than Basic, with four primary features: Collaboration, Detailed Reporting, Notes and User Support. The FAQs section has more detail on Premium services and specific functions and value.

HeirList was created to allow people to properly utilize the IDRS and enable an efficient management of resolving the affairs of the deceased. The primary challenge which the IDRS meets head on is documenting all of the different variations of deceased individuals, and the things that may be required for those resolving their affairs to deal with. 

HeirList provides a number of valuable benefits to the user. Saving time and reducing frustration are the primary ones. These are particularly critical given that many times the people tasked with resolving the affairs of the deceased are still grieving and have never gone through this process. The Premium Collaboration (Manage Other Users) option ensures that multiple people can get involved and work from a common set of tasks. This is important not only from a division of work perspective and communication, but also prevents misunderstandings from becoming legal challenges or major conflicts.


HeirList is the world’s most comprehensive and powerful tool to assist in resolving the affairs of the deceased. It is based on the International Deceased Resolution Standards, which were created so that a Structured Numbered Classification System could be employed to improve this very complicated and disparate process. The IDRS is comprised of both the Items, as well as a set of inclusion Questions. These questions allow a user to easily determine which of the IDRS Items apply to their situation. The application first allows you to eliminate a large number of items easily by responding to the Questions. Then for the Questions that were answered with a 'Yes', the Items beneath them can be reviewed for relevance, and when not an issue for your Deceased person, a Not Applicable (N/A) can be selected. This creates the perfect list of actions required to resolve the affairs of the Deceased in question, and the application has various other features to assist this. FAQ4
The IDRS and HeirList are both new. Expansion of their details and addition Items will be on-going. In addition, the Knowledge Base plans to create sheets for each American state showing differences in applicable laws, government agencies and process requirements. We will continue to build across all areas so that people resolving the affairs of the deceased have a comprehensive set of tools and information which to access. FAQ5
The website (HeirList.com) has a contact form, or via the Support or Technical Issues (Bugs) Menu prompts on this application. FAQ6
Nothing. We will not sell them, or even cross-sell to you using your contact information. Outside of contacting for changes (e.g. links to Knowledge Base) we do not plan on any utilization of User information and plan to never release to 3rd parties. FAQ9
Chief Innovation, based in Dallas, is privately owned. FAQ10
Three websites that are related to us are DeathCenter.com, where the IDRS resides, HeirList (the website for this app) and PassingExpert.com, which will be a future support service for completing IDRS items for people. FAQ11
Some of the contributors outside of Chief Innovation where Peter Rehm and Deborah Southwell at the start. John McCullough was key in helping develop the structure for all of the Items and the related information of the knowledge base. Sean McGee was the technical advisor throughout the development. Also, Moon TechnoLab was our technical partner for both the application and various websites, and get our highest recommendation as an offhsore firm to work with. A number of others helped out with Beta testing as well. FAQ12
Premium membership includes four primary enhancements. The ability to have more than one person collaborate on a deceased account. It also allows for detailed Reports to be obtained for the User. User support is available for Premium Users, though this is for how to use the Application, not for working the IDRS items. Finally, the Premium Users will be able to write and revise notes within their deceased account, including attaching them to specific Questions or Items for their own reference or for others. FAQ47
The Deathcenter.com website has a contact portal in addition to the IDRS feedback portal. FAQ76
HeirList is agnostic to other service providers for obvious reasons. For those who don't understand the obvious reasons, we are looking to become a standard and support everyone, therefore we will not choose a segment to partner with as we want everyone to be successful in their chosen businesses. We will never do email marketing or sell our customer information. We have no means to refer customers nor are we looking for partnerships or discounted products to advertise. We do not expect that will ever change. Our model is to add more value to the process, not sell people additional things. FAQ77
Passing Expert is a future service for larger scale support on Item closer and process management. A system for tracking and lower cost execution is planned to be developed, but some of our core staff and others will be available for those who feel they could utilize assistance before that is available. Unsure when it will be ready, but middle to later 2022 at the earliest. Anyone who wishes to start a similar service is encouraged to do so, and will find we are supportive of those who are reputably assisting others. FAQ78
We have reserved a number of sites, but Facebook and YouTube will be the main focus. We may start a Room on Clubhouse, but unsure as of this time. FAQ79
The International Deceased Resolution Standards were created so as to facilitate a consolidation and focus of knowledge to assist the survivors of the close to 3 million people in the United States that pass away every year. A standard, defined classification system, similar to the Tax code, Dewey Decimal System, Animal Species categorization, provides a common language from which people can communicate, develop solutions and identify outliers and anomalies. It was important that it be a 'living' list, so as to refine and add to it over time. FAQ84
Upon purchasing Knowledge Base access in the application's store, a link to a Google Drive folder will be sent to your email address. The Folder will change URLs and links in the future for security. A new link will be emailed to all current Users. Over time, we will be adding new content and revising/updating the documents. FAQ98